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In light of the more serious challenges to free speech Twitter faces, and their inaction in rising to them effectively, bumping up the character limit from 140 to 280 seems largely irrelevant. What will we say in 280 characters that we haven’t been able to say in 140?

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I Blame Trump on Game of Thrones

I wonder what Jung would have to say about it, how for years now we have saturated the collective unconscious with stories of war, collusion and incest…

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Natural Wonder

Last week, Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. This poem is not about that.

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The thing about puzzles is, there’s a moment between when you have all the edges done, and when you have enough of the middle filled in to see what’s missing, what’s left.

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#WritersResist: Bring the Fire Down

Move. Between justice and mercy, between nakedness and warfare, between all that you would not do and all you have done, unknowing…

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Can Clowns Save Our Souls?

We might try to follow where the clown leads, but we cannot hope to pin him down. It is only when we stop insisting that the clown be just one thing that he is free to become the multiplicity of being that he really is.

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