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We draw a line around what is sacred, to set it apart as special. We imagine the planet as a precious blue marble floating in space, so small and far away we cannot see the delicate contours of our own faces turned upwards towards the night sky, doing the imagining. We worship the lands that give us life, the earth that sustains us with its salty waters and wild winds, its mud and grit. We encircle the world in the darkness of outer space, and it shimmers all the brighter.

But when we’re not paying attention, the lines we draw around the sacred can cut us right through the middle.

Buy Cytotec In Malaysia

Priligy Buy Online Uk

Romancing the Flower Maid: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Anima

These days our society is moving further and further from the simple conception of gender as a binary: male or female, man or woman. We are beginning to recognize that gender is complex. In the natural world, scientists continue to discover undeniable examples of how sexuality is multifaceted and fluid, from the parthenogenesis of blacktip sharks to the three distinct sexes of the midshipman toadfish. But we’re not there yet. Binaries have kept us trapped for a long time, defining us by what we are not or what we supposedly cannot do, rather than by who we are and what we’re really capable of.

Dapoxetine Online Buy India

Buy Provigil Pills

New Moon, Forever Maiden: Wild Worship in the Digital Age

We live in a time of amazing opportunities and heart-wrenching tragedies, a time when many of us live daily with the humming tension between wild enthusiasm and deep cynicism. Women in particular face challenging contradictions in this brave new age. In a society that celebrates equality, we see before us endless opportunities to pursue our dreams. And yet in many ways, the glass ceiling seems thicker than ever, and the balancing act of gender equality forever remains a perilous one.

Buy Amoxicillin 500Mg Canada

Order Amoxicillin Online Canada

Memorial Day, Motherland and Blood Sacrifice

When it comes to questions of how to respond to the cultural demand to “honor the soldiers who died for you,” I find that the problem is not so much that I do not want to comply, but that I literally do not know how. Assuming, of course, that our honor and memory should take a form other than silent complicity in the continuing violence and militarism of our government — what should my honor look like?

Cheap Generic Provigil

Cytotec To Buy Uk

Holy Adoration: Fire as Prayer

Sometimes what I want is a wild fire. A fire that roars. A fire that beats at the air with its bright fists clenched. Sometimes I want prayer like a fire that claims everything it touches.

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Buy Original Provigil Online

Celebrating Earth Day: Phenology Bingo

Earth Day has long been How To Buy Provigil In Canada, and I’ve marked it through personal and family rituals for years. But this year, I was especially blessed: I had the chance to help out with the Earth Day service offered by my UU church this past weekend. And it was nothing short of marvelous.

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Cheap Provigil Uk

A Leap Day Altar (and more)

“There are two paths to transformation: the way out-beyond and the way deep-within. Either way will work. But it’s no good to stay here wavering between the two, weighing which one asks the least of you.”

A leap day altar, and more excerpts from my Buy Cytotec In Dubai

Brand Name Provigil Online

Buy Provigil Modafinil Online

An Altar-a-Day Challenge: Deepening Daily Practice

To dig my soul-toes deeper into this fertile soil, I’ve decided to pair my Word of the Day practice with reflections on the Buy Cytotec Tablets Online. My Word-of-the-Day calendar is full of verbs. The #UULent reflections are mostly nouns. Each morning, I sit down and craft an altar that expresses an aspect of these two words in combination. I’m looking forward to discovering what intriguing combinations I’ll spiral through over the next six weeks!

I’ll be sharing my altars daily (along with some inspiring quotes and a few words of reflection of my own) on both my Priligy Purchase and my Purchasing Provigil, if you’d like to follow along.

Where To Buy Cytotec Pills

Priligy Generico Online Italia

Turning the Soil of Soul: Ritual as Celebration  » Nature’s Path

What happens when we explore ritual beyond the divide between “magic” and “religion”? The third way, the way of celebration…

Can I Buy Amoxicillin Over The Counter In Mexico

Can I Buy Cytotec Over The Counter In The Philippines

The Choice Between Freedom and Love

How much do I allow my life to be governed by my decisions about how the world and how people “ought to be,” and how I “ought to behave”? How open am I to making real choices, on a daily basis, facing up to the potential within every single moment to integrate love and free will, and to respond to the diversity and interconnection of an ever-shifting and always surprising reality? This is what I thought about as I walked in the woods this morning.

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