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A blog for the whispering poet and enchanted animal that dwells within each of us, jostling elbows with the peacemaker, the anarchist, the skeptic, the cynic, the scientist, the artist, the self-deprecating intellectual, the earnest seeker and the hopeful mystic.

Described by readers as rich, thoughtful, deeply reflective, fearless, honest and “some of the best writing in the Pagan blogging field,” Holy Wild (formerly Meadowsweet & Myrrh) was created in March 2007 and has since become one of the most popular Druid blogs online. In this space, Alison shares social commentary, philosophical contemplations and personal reflections, writing from a place of connection, longing and curiosity about the sacredness of ordinary life, and our place in a Spirit-infused world.

Rich, thoughtful, deeply reflective, fearless…

Recent Posts

  • Kissing Ted Lasso: On Asexuality, Friendship and Loneliness
    If you ever wondered what it’s like to be asexual in a culture alternately obsessed with and ashamed of sex, this dream might give you some idea. The self-consciousness of performance, the noisy aura of social commentary and expectation like a constant hum overlaying the visceral physicality of other people’s bodies and your own. And the way performative sexual intimacy can gradually give way to something more comfortable, more tender, given enough time and gentle consideration.
  • Healing, Curiosity and Connection In Dark Times: Lessons from a River Goddess
    Where do we seek healing and renewal when the comforts we usually turn to are the very things that are harming us — when gathering together for the holidays and singing songs and sharing food might actually make us sick? It is not only the elements of fire and air that can cleanse and heal. When these are out of balance, we can turn to the heavier, cooler, “darker” elements of water and earth to seek out healing.
  • Love Like A Rock: Creating My “Sea & Stone” Watercolor Painting Series
    I’ve always wondered what it means to love “like a rock.” Does it mean that the love itself is rock-like: round? heavy? flecked with mica? Or that you love someone the way you love a rock? Or perhaps it means to love the way a rock would love…
  • Black & White & Red All Over: The Mysterious Power of Three Common Colors
    “Red as blood, white as snow, black as a raven’s wing….” These three colors appear again and again in folklore the world over, but why? What is it about this triad that exerts such power on our collective imaginations?

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