In 2017, I picked up a paintbrush for the first time and found myself straddling a giddy new divide: between literary and visual art. As a self-taught emerging artist, I’m seeking to bring word and image, intellect and aesthetic into conversation, working with the physical quirks and qualia of watercolor to express the beauty of nature in exciting new ways.

Below, you’ll find examples of my original ink and watercolor paintings from select series as I continue to explore this fascinating medium.

Sea & Stone (2020-2021)

I’ve always wondered what it means to love “like a rock.” Does it mean that the love itself is rock-like: round? heavy? flecked with mica? Or that you love someone the way you love a rock? Or perhaps it means to love the way a rock would love…

100 Days of Ruin (2020)

In this 2020 series, I explored the subject of ancient burial sites in Ireland through the use of abstract ink and watercolor.

Inktober (2018)

A series created for the #Inktober challenge. Each piece (the size of traditional Polaroids) features playful watercolor and bold black ink detailing.