Rooted in belonging, seeking the holy wild . . .

This is me.Alison Leigh Lilly grew up a shy Irish Catholic hippie girl, exploring the woods and fields surrounding her childhood home with the same curiosity and enthusiasm she would later bring to her studies of mysticism and nature spirituality. Seeking the spiritual heritage of her Celtic ancestors, she discovered poetry and story, mud and blood mingled with the scent of peat fires and the slick feel of damp stone. Eventually, these interests landed her squarely in the round hole of Academia, where she graduated valedictorian of her class, humbly accepted her degree, and ran for it.

She now resides in the lovely, rain-drizzled cityscape of Seattle, where she lives with her husband, her black cat and two pet frogs. She devotes her time to cultivating a spiritual life founded on peace, poesis, and attentive engagement with the inner and outer landscapes of wildness, wilderness and nature. She explores these themes through podcasting, essays, articles and poetry, and her work has appeared in a number of publications both in print and online. You can find an archive of her available work here.

About Holy Wild

A blog for the whispering poet and enchanted animal that dwells within each of us, jostling elbows with the peacemaker, the anarchist, the skeptic, the cynic, the scientist, the artist, the self-deprecating intellectual, the earnest seeker and the hopeful mystic.

Described by readers as rich, thoughtful, deeply reflective, fearless, honest and “some of the best writing in the Pagan blogging field,” Holy Wild (formerly Meadowsweet & Myrrh) was created on a whim in March 2007 and has since become one of the most popular Druid blogs online. In this space, Alison shares social commentary, philosophical contemplations and personal reflections, writing from a place of connection, longing and curiosity about the sacredness of ordinary life, and our place in a Spirit-infused world.