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I’m getting married! In just over a month! (In 35 days, to be exact!) From the beginning, August promised to be a busy month of planning and preparation, and so far it hasn’t let me down. But it’ll all be worth it when my beloved and I stand together on that threshold where the three realms meet, exchanging vows before our gods and our kindred (both ancient and living) and pledging our love to one another. Plus, afterwards — pool party!

But rumor has it there are some other changes afoot as well.

Anyway, that’s the scuttlebutt. Enjoy the dog days of summer, folks, and stay cool!

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Buy Provigil Pills
Alison Leigh Lilly nurtures the earth-rooted, sea-soaked, mist-and-mystic spiritual heritage of her Celtic ancestors, exploring themes of peace, poesis and wilderness through essays, articles, poetry and podcasting. You can learn more about her work Buy Amoxicillin 500Mg Canada.

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