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Dog Days’ Scuttlebutt

I’m getting married! In just over a month! (In 35 days, to be exact!) From the beginning, August promised to be a busy month of planning and preparation, and so far it hasn’t let me down. But it’ll all be worth it when my beloved and I stand together on that threshold where the three realms meet, exchanging vows before our gods and our kindred (both ancient and living) and pledging our love to one another. Plus, afterwards — pool party!

But rumor has it there are some other changes afoot as well.

  • In case you missed it, Jeff and I launched our new podcast, Dining with Druids: A Podcast on Religion, Politics and Other Rude Dinner Conversation. You can subscribe via iTunes (or RSS feed) so you don’t miss next week’s episode!
  • The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth is due to be released next week from Bibliotheca Alexandrina. Edited by Rebecca Buchanan, the anthology contains short stories, retold myths, creative meditations and essays from a variety of wonderful writers, including Erynn Rowan Lauri, P. Sufenas Virius Lupu, Jhenah Telyndr, and yours truly (plus many more)! I’m so excited, I might just run some kind of contest here on Meadowsweet & Myrrh to give readers a chance to win their own copy! Stay tuned for details…
  • Speaking of Meadowsweet & Myrrh, this month I’m devoting the ol’ blog to the 30 Days of Druidry creative writing project. (Okay, so, nobody said thirty consecutive days, right?)
  • Meanwhile, over at No Unsacred Place our awesome staff writers have been sharing brilliant posts about living in sacred relationship with the natural world. Want to join them? Starting in September, NUP will be accepting outside submissions for guest posts on topics related to nature and earth in Pagan traditions. That’s right, you heard it here first!

Anyway, that’s the scuttlebutt. Enjoy the dog days of summer, folks, and stay cool!

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