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How to Plan an Earth-Friendly Wedding » No Unsacred Place

In my latest post over at No Unsacred Place, I explore some of the reasons why Jeff and I chose to “go green” when planning our upcoming wedding in September, and the basic principles we adopted to help guide us during the long decision-making process.

We’re trying to craft a wedding which, like our marriage, will embody our earth-loving, environmentally sustainable values as much as possible. As physical creatures, we participate in the web of interconnection. Our clay arises and takes on form and meaning from the ancient clay of our earth mother, as does that of our children, and their children — it is to this clay that we all eventually return. Jeff and I try live our lives as deeply as we can with this awareness of our relationship to the earth and its ecosystems, our impact on the beings, entities, organisms and landscapes of the natural world… and their impact on us. Like all things in the natural world, relationship is a two-way street. (Or more accurately, an eat-and-be-eaten, give-and-take, inhale-and-exhale kind of thing.)

So what this means in practice is that we’re guiding our wedding planning decisions based on the old familiar principle: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

These days, many people like to skip ahead to that last one, invest in some disposable flatware made from a combination of corn and recycled plastics, and call it a day. But Jeff and I are hardcore. Or methodical. Anyway, we like to start at the beginning.

This post is a first in what I hope will be a series over the next few weeks, as our wedding date approaches and I share more details about how we’re doing with our earth-friendly goals.

You can read the full article here.