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New Anthology of Pagan Fiction!

It’s finally here! The Scribing Ibis: An Anthology of Pagan Fiction in Honor of Thoth was officially released today, and it’s now available in paperback through the Bibliotheca Alexandrina online store. It will also be available soon on Amazon.com and Amazon UK, as well as on Smashwords in a variety of ebook formats.

There’s more info available on the Bibliotheca Alexandrina website, but here’s the blurb:

The Scribing Ibis AnthologyHe was Creation’s First Storyteller. To soothe a wrathful Goddess, ibis-headed Thoth spun tales of honor and greed, love and treachery, Gods and princes and pirates. Entranced, charmed, Her rage cooled, the Goddess returned to heaven. Order was restored.

And so it is in His name that we dedicate this collection. Here, modern Pagans and polytheists continue that ancient tradition, weaving stories of creation and loss, death and rebirth, humor and courage, transformation and destruction. From the banks of the Nile to the icy north, from modern-day Kansas to far future alien worlds, these tales sing of the grace and glory of the Gods, and Their place in our lives.

Additionally, nonfiction essays explore the place of Thoth in ancient Egyptian theology and literature; the contemporary Pagan romance publishing scene; and the use of the Green Man and the Fool as archetypes in modern fiction. A select timeline lists important polytheist and Pagan works of fiction, from ancient times through the modern era.

And for inquiring minds, here’s a sneak peek at the Table of Contents:

The Fires of Thoth by Teresita Garcia
Foreword: Blessed Be the Mythmakers by Inanna Gabriel
Introduction by Rebecca Buchanan

Birth by Erynn Rowan Laurie
Persephone’s Travels by John Drury
The Story of Philemon and Baukis by Amanda Sioux Blake
The Gallisenae by Jhenah Telyndru
Balbilla’s Reply by Michael Routery
Sinikka Journeys North by KA Laity
Power of the Gods by Steven Gepp
Corrupting Influence by Brandon Cracraft
Anything for a Tale by Melia Suez
Yewberry by Alison Leigh Lilly
Like Herding Cats by Gerri Leen
Unlock by Ashley Horn
Aunty Zee by Diotima Sophia
Godwin’s Law by Jason Ross Inczauskis
Crossroads by Rebecca Buchanan
Reunion by P Sufenas Virius Lupus
Over the Rainbow by Eric Scott
Mother Blood Sky by JD Revezzo
The Myth-Shifter by Star Foster
The Resurrection of Samhain by Quincy Allen

Appendix A: The Nature and Functions of Thoth in Egyptian Theology by Edward P. Butler
Appendix B: A Pagan’s Inspirational Romance by Mary K Wilson
Appendix C: The Green Man and the Fool: Pagan Archetypes in the Fiction of Laurie R King by Literata
Appendix D: Select Timeline of Pagan and Polytheist Literature, and Related Texts by Rebecca Buchanan

Check out how many awesome writers are keeping me company! I am so excited to get my contributor’s copies and settle down to some wonderful reading.

Plus, keep your eyes peeled (ew.) for the up-coming Meadowsweet Book Give-Away and a chance to win a copy of the anthology for yourself!

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