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Just call me the Greenman…

Just in time for the summer solstice, I’ve designed a new t-shirt for the Hipster Pagan store. (Wait — you didn’t know there was a Hipster Pagan store? That’s okay. It’s pretty obscure. Nobody shops there anymore since it sold out and went mainstream. After all, hipster jokes are so over.)

You can get the tee here. Or browse the store. I’ll be uploading the Hipster Greenman design onto several other non-wearable items (including posters and, of course, coffee mugs — every Hipster Pagan needs their coffee mug when they’re making their daily morning libations to the Goddess Caffeinia).

Plus, you can still get the classic Ironic Pentacle t-shits and the Obscure Goddess tees (you’ve probably never heard of Her). As well as lots of other designs with really bad Pagan-themed puns. Check it out.


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