Holy Wild, Muse in Brief

Webbing the Whole Wide World

It’s Saturday, and I’ve been working on my book manuscript all day — the really mundane, copyediting type of work that leaves me restless and somewhat distracted. So off I went to play with Google Analytics and track how reader migration from the old blog to this new website is progressing.

One of the features on Google Analytics that I just think is so neat is the Map Overlay, which lets me get a general idea of where in the wide world my readers hail from. It’s pretty cool to see that I have readers in places like Moscow (Russia), Shenzhen (China), Sydney (Australia), Jiddah (Saudi Arabia), La Paz (Bolivia), and even Nairobi (Kenya). Though that last one might have just been Peter.

Obviously, the vast majority of my readers live in the United States (tied for second: Canada and the UK). I have readers in 42 of the 50 states. Only 42?!, you ask. I know, right? So here’s a challenge for you. If you have friends in: Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Mississippi or Delaware, send them my way to say hello. (Or, go traveling and drop me a line while you’re away — Kansasians, I hear Nebraska is way nicer, anyway.)

And readers who live in any of those states, if you followed the RSS feed over but haven’t clicked through to visit the new site yet: don’t be shy! Come say hi!

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