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Snow Globe Starscape: Holiday Cards For Sale!

Finally! After much ado and work and waiting, my watercolor greeting cards for this winter holiday season are now available for purchase! Each of these cards features a fine art print of one of my original watercolor paintings — and they’re blank on the inside, so you can add your own message for that special someone!

This series began with childhood memories of chilly winter nights. As a kid, I remember how the cold seemed to contract around you, drawing you closer to loved ones, making your world seem small enough to hold in the palm of your hand… There was a comfort in having nowhere to go and nothing to do, but also a restlessness and excitement to know that outside, a winter storm was raging.

Within the encircling space of the snow globe, I wanted to capture that feeling of being nestled snug and safe at home — surrounded by the love of family and warmed by the glow of the hearth that makes even the darkest winter seem cheerful and colorful. And yet, knowing that just beyond the frosted windows, like a landscape etched in ink, the snowy night spilled out in all directions in stark contrasts of black and white and swirling drifts of snow.

You can get them as a set here — or individually (see below)

Each scene in this series of six landscapes is inspired by a memory of winter. Some are drawn from my childhood growing up among the rolling hills and farmlands of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Some are inspired by the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where the snow-topped Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges edge the eastern and western horizons, creating their own kind of circle of belonging.

In the spirit of childhood playfulness — and because I just loved doing the sketches for this series so much! — I’m also making a limited number of black-and-white ink versions of these scenes available in my shop for you to color and decorate any way you wish! Make them your own with colored pencils, crayons or markers — or send them as-is for a striking statement of simple elegance.

Limited number available, pick up your set today!

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