Holy Wild, Science & Civilization

Mission Accomplished.

I love when life gives me what I like to call “xkcd Moments.”

See, I’ve been meaning to migrate the archives of my former Meadowsweet & Myrrh site on Blogger over to this domain so that everything’s in one convenient place, but website design is really only something I do with any gusto when the obsession mood strikes me. So there the old girl languishes, attracting the occasional lost traveler and a whole lot of spambots. (Is it just me, or has spam gotten increasingly aggressive in the last couple weeks? Did someone just develop a new and improved way of getting around CAPTCHA?)

Which brings me to this morning, when I opened my email inbox to discover that someone had left this comment on my December 2009 post, “Avatar & Eywa: Looking at Deity, Pantheism and Justice“:

I’m not sure if this is the type of thinking you were getting at, but it does make sense to me that a thriving, comprehensive pantheism cannot stop at the upper reaches of Earth’s atmosphere. There must be a place for sun, stars, galaxies, and even the emptiness between. [random link to female viagra product]

Touché, Spambot.

Now, this almost qualifies as a “Simpsons Moment” — it’s like an R-rated version of purple monkey dishwasher.

But no one nails it as dead-on as xkcd:

Xkcd for the win.

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