Holy Wild, Muse in Brief

Steampunk Frog Familiar

Sometimes I get sick of the flat, bright rectangles of computer screens and book pages. When that happens, I go on crafting binges. My latest was inspired by the steampunk aesthetic and my recent spiritual work with the local flora and fauna of the Pacific Northwest.

This little guy was the result.

Steampunk Frog

He’s a steampunk pacific tree frog (notice the distinctive eye stripe!). He’s made from polymer clay and painted with various acrylic paints in order to get the aged metal effect that you can (just barely) see in the photos. His eyes are a startling purple amethyst, which unfortunately didn’t come out very well in the photos. I wasn’t able to quite get the tiny suction toes right, and he’s somewhat of a patchwork, but in a rather adorable way, I think.

Steampunk Frog

He now sits in a place of honor on my naturalist/wilderness altar above my desk.

Steampunk Frog

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