Holy Wild, Muse in Brief

Episode 10 – Celestial Seesaw » Dining with Druids

In this week's episode, "Celestial Seesaw", Ali and Jeff take a deep breath and plunge back into podcasting after a crazy-busy seven month hiatus, reflecting on the sacred pause of the equinox and sharing a few stories about their wedding (woot!), their cross-country move (woosh!) and their volunteer work as naturalists-in-training with the Seattle (woohoo!). Ali ponders the future of Paganism in a post-church world while using inappropriately awkward sports metaphors, and Jeff makes a few exquisitely bad jokes that you won't want to miss. We also announce our new podcast project and how you can get involved and help support your favorite rude Drudes! Click to listen.

Holy Wild, Muse in Brief

Episode 9 – Holy Personal Gnosis, Batman! » Dining with Druids

In this week's episode, "Holy Personal Gnosis, Batman!", Ali and Jeff open up about their relationships with the gods, sharing a little insight into how they grapple with questions of spiritual authenticity and internal versus external sources of authority, balancing academic research, creative explorations and unverified personal gnosis (or "UPG"). Jeff talks about the time Odin almost made him crash his car, and Ali explores the dark, stellar aspect of the Celtic goddess, Brighid — but only after apologizing for her part in causing the East Coast earthquake. Make sure to stick around for the end of the episode, when Jeff reads a truly inspired piece of writing and Ali talks a bit about an up-coming contest for listeners to win a copy of the new anthology of Pagan fiction, The Scribing Ibis. Click to listen.

Holy Wild, Muse in Brief

Episode 8 – Polytheistssaywhat? » Dining with Druids

In this week's episode, “Polytheistssaywhat?” Ali and Jeff are on the road again, this time traveling with Cu Gwyn the Wonder Cat for company as they discuss the portrayal of religion in science fiction, the evolution of modern Paganism and its parallels with different kinds of language development. Ali totally loses her geek cred by admitting that she’s not all that into Battlestar Galactica, and Jeff gets down with his bad linguistic self talking about the relationship between Vodou spirituality and the Hawaiian creole language. Click to listen.

Holy Wild, News & Announcements

Dining with Druids: A New Podcast!

Jeff and I have some exciting new projects in the works, and one of them is already underway. I'm psyched to officially announce the launch of our very own podcast: Dining with Druids! Dining with Druids is your opportunity to sit in once a week and eavesdrop on the wild and rambling dinner conversation of two Druids as we discuss the news of the day and other interesting tidbits, informed by our backgrounds in political philosophy, linguistics, religious studies, history and modern-day spirituality. Don't be fooled by the name — this is no cooking show! It's a chance for us to unwind with some friendly conversation about the intersection of religion, politics, community and spirituality in an ever-changing, multicultural world.